CMS and Online Sales Solutions

Transform the trajectory of your tourism business towards the digital future.

In this era dominated by digitalization, comprehending and maneuvering the purchasing patterns of online users is no straightforward task. It is a formidable challenge that demands expertise, experience, and an in-depth understanding of the requirements in both the B2B and B2C realms.

Leveraging over a decade of hands-on experience dedicated to analyzing user buying behavior on the Internet, our team, comprised of seasoned professionals in digital marketing and operational tourism, has meticulously crafted Web Solutions tailored to cater to various scenarios within the tourism industry.


Dynamic Packaging Hotel + Ferry Model

A revolutionary solution that combines lodging and sea travel, offering customers a seamless and integrated booking experience.


Accommodation-Only Sale Template

Optimized for those operators who wish to focus exclusively on selling accommodation, ensuring the best browsing experience for users.


Smart Travel + Experience-only Model

A unique platform for those who wish to combine multy day packaged tours with unforgettable tourism experiences.


B2B Agency Network Sales Model

Tailored for companies looking to grow and oversee extensive agency networks, equipping them with all the essential tools for successful B2B management.

And it doesn't end there

For companies that already have an online presence but want to improve their sales effectiveness, we have developed funnel templates for "Lodging Only," "Lodging+Ferry," "Experience," and "Smart Travel - Multyday Packaged tours". These funnels are easily integrated with existing websites, offering an immediate boost to your conversion capabilities.

Not only are these solutions cutting-edge, but they are also plug-and-play. Seamlessly integrate them into your license and instantly kickstart your B2C sales or efficiently oversee extensive agency networks in the B2B sector.