Create, Manage, and Distribute Unique Experiences

With Hubcore.ai, you can create and manage tourist experiences, accommodations, and tours all from one platform. Enhance your catalogue by accessing third-party products and easily distribute them across various channels. Optimize your offerings and transform your business into a comprehensive tour operator.

For whom is the Experiences module ideal?

The Experience Module from Hubcore.ai is perfect for those in the experiential tourism industry looking to expand their offerings to include accommodations and tours. With Hubcore.ai, you can distribute your products on a vast marketplace while also accessing third-party experiences, accommodations, and tours to enrich your catalogue. This module allows you to manage everything from a single platform, turning your business into a complete tour operator capable of promoting your destination in an integrated way.

How It Works

Create Experience

Use the Copywriter Assistant and the AI multilingual translator to create an emotional presentation in just a few minutes, matching your brand’s tone of voice. Enhance your listing with high-quality photos and videos to captivate your customers' interest.

Product Management

Set prices and availability per person or package. Select appropriate tags and assign the correct categories. Specify the starting point, duration, and available languages. Provide details on accessibility and pet-friendliness to ensure comprehensive and detailed information for your customers.


Publish your experience directly on your website integrated with Hubcore or through widgets linked to your license. Ensure every detail is accurate and appealing to maximize bookings.


Give your suppliers access to manage availability in real-time independently. This makes it easy to update availability for specific days or extended periods, keeping your offerings always up-to-date.

Marketplace Distribution

Make your experience available through the Hubcore.ai Marketplace and distribute your product on already connected third-party platforms.

This increases visibility and reaches a wider audience, helping your business grow.

Key Benefits

Request a Demo: Discover how the Experience Module can revolutionize the management of your tourism activities. Increase efficiency and expand your offerings with Hubcore.ai.