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Efficient Management with the Administration Module

The heart of your operation is reflected in the HUBCORE administration module. Every booking, once confirmed and settled, finds its place in this module, providing a clear and detailed view of the workflow.


Accounting Panel

Effective accounting management requires clear and easily accessible information. In the accounting panel, you have a concise summary that includes essential customer data, period of stay, details of the service or product booked and the status of the amounts - paid, payable or cost. This allows you to have an immediate overview of current transactions and plan your next steps.


Billing Tab

For every booking, a detailed billing tab is readily available, making the management and control of transactions a smooth and hassle-free operation.



Although HUBCORE possesses high-level administrative capabilities, we recognise the importance of in-depth specialisation. For this reason, we have integrated external tools dedicated exclusively to invoicing, such as SIAP or Navision, guaranteeing accurate and up-to-date tax and accounting management.