The New Marketplace
to Revolutionise the Tourism Sector

Technology alone isn't enough to ensure a project's success. That's why has developed the Marketplace module to facilitate the connection between supply and demand. Designed to support users in the distribution and acquisition of tourism products, this module, set to launch by 2024, will enhance operational efficiency and expand market opportunities for sellers and buyers.

Streamlined Distribution

  • users can become Sellers and offer their tourism products to the marketplace.

  • The system provides an easy and intuitive way to manage catalogs, making it simple to update offerings.

Simplified Acquisition

  • Users interested in purchasing tourism services can become Buyers, form commercial relationships with Sellers, and list new products on their sales channels.

  • The platform offers advanced tools for selecting and customizing products, making the acquisition process quick and efficient.

Key Benefits For Sellers

Key Benefits For Buyers

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