Optimise Bookings and Simplify Direct Supplier Payments with the New Module for DMOs

Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) have always faced the challenge of managing transactions between tourism service providers without acting as tour operators. Hubcore.ai introduces SPLITPAYMENT, an innovative module designed to simplify the management of tourism bookings. This system allows suppliers to receive direct payments from customers, eliminating the need for DMOs to handle payments.

Streamlined Transactions

  • Direct Payment: Each supplier receives payment directly for their service, along with the necessary invoicing details.

  • Transparency and Security: Centralised transaction management ensures transparency and security for all parties involved.

Simplification for DMOs

  • Focused Role: DMOs can focus on promoting the destination without worrying about payment procedures and tour operator licences.

  • Operational Efficiency: SPLITPAYMENT streamlines processes, reducing costs and complexity for suppliers.

Key Benefits for DMOs:

Key Benefits for Service Providers



  • The customer makes a booking that includes services from various providers.

  • The booking is managed through the Hubcore.ai platform, which coordinates all transaction details.

Payment Distribution

  • SPLITPAYMENT automatically divides the payment among the involved service providers.

  • Each provider receives payment directly into their account, along with the data needed to invoice the customer.

Management and Reporting

DMOs can monitor all transactions through an intuitive interface, obtaining detailed reports for transparent and efficient management.

Want to Transform Your Tourism Transaction Management?

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