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Your Library of Tourism Services

The beating heart of any operator in tourism is its catalogue. And it is here that elevates the management of tourism services to an art.

The Catalogue

HUBCORE's 'Catalogue' module represents a universe in which every tourism service, from the classic hotel or flat to multi-day experiences, comes to life with vivid details and captivating descriptions.

The key? Artificial intelligence.

It creates multilingual product sheets with an AI-driven simultaneous translator. And not only that, the system is enriched with innovative plugins that define the tone of voice of your brand, guiding copy-writers to content in line with your identity.

Key Benefits

Expand and Optimise Your Catalogue

In, you are not alone in creating and managing your catalogue. Not only do you have the freedom to create and enter master data sheets independently, but you can also take advantage of our premium integrations to expand and enhance your offering.