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From Simplicity to Complexity with Ease and Intelligence

Hubcore.ai takes personalization in tourism to a new level. From tailor-made package creation to complex itineraries, every experience is enhanced by artificial intelligence. Let our technology become your competitive advantage.


The Power of Customisation

With Hubcore's Central Reservation System, every booking operator has the freedom and flexibility to create tailor-made offers. Whether you are creating a simple "accommodation only" booking or a combination package such as "accommodation + ship" or "accommodation + flight + experience", the platform adapts to your needs, making each package unique and personalised.

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TripBuilder - Your Travel Architect

Creating multi-day itineraries that cross several locations has never been easier. Thanks to the TripBuilder module, any operator can design multi-day tourist routes with just a few clicks, combining accommodation, experiences and any other tourist service available in the Catalogue.

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Artificial Intelligence at Your Service

The integration of AI is not just an 'extra', but a powerful ally. By analysing patterns and past sales data, the predictive module suggests to the operator, based on the analysis of the request received through channels such as chat or email, which products are most suitable and most likely to close.


Integration with HubSpot

The strength of Hubcore.ai extends further with direct integration with HubSpot. While HubSpot handles all the classic activities of a CRM, Hubcore.ai ensures that the database is always aligned, creating a cohesive and synchronised ecosystem between the two platformes.