Born from Tourism, Raised in Innovation

Our love for tourism is as deep as the DNA that sets us apart.

From Destination Italia, leader in the incoming segment in Italy, to Portale Sardegna, emblem of success in online tourism, our history is a hymn to innovation and transformation of the sector. has blossomed from these roots: an unprecedented marriage of tradition and innovation, forged to dominate the B2B and B2C market.

What is our magic ingredient? An insatiable dedication to innovation. An unprecedented investment in the Italian landscape, we have the ambition to cleverly integrate artificial intelligence with our decades of experience in the conception of accommodation sales, experiences and tourism services. Our goal? To make your work faster and powerfully effective, thinking of those who, like you, live and breathe tourism every single day.

Our commitment knows no pause: making life easier for DMO managers, providing powerful tools for innovators and guiding tourism start-ups to heights of excellence by helping to reduce operating costs and ensuring greater process integration through an all-in-one platform.

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The growth of


The Birth of Pavoneggi

(yes, that's what we were called back then!)

Where It All Began

Pavoneggi is born with a specific goal: to revolutionize the tourism market through innovative software solutions. It marked the start of an exciting journey into the world of digital tourism.


Launch of BOS (Booking Online System)

The Booking Revolution Takes Shape

In 2009, Pavoneggi introduced BOS, its first online booking engine. Designed for hotels, apartments, and campsites, this tool was a significant step in our mission to digitalize the tourism industry.


The Evolution Towards CORE

From BOS to CORE: A Growing Platform

In 2011, we expanded our offering: BOS became part of CORE, a more comprehensive platform that also includes a Central Reservation System (CSR) and a dedicated Administration module. An evolutionary leap toward more integrated tourism management.

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The Advent of HUBCORE

From CORE to HUBCORE: The All-In-One for Incoming Tourism

After two years of refining and engineering CORE, HUBCORE was born. An all-in-one platform designed for medium-sized tourism businesses, it integrates with an ever-growing number of Channel Managers, CRMs, and administrative software, and launched our proprietary CMS "Kinboo".


Strategic Partnership and Growth

The Entry of Portale Sardegna Spa and the New Phase of Development

Portale Sardegna Spa joins the company, marking the beginning of a period of growth and innovation. We focus on new integrations like GDS for Ferries and Bank-Beds and expand the offer with new Frontend solutions for a 360-degree HUBCORE experience.


Innovation and Renewal

Revolutionizing the Creation and Sale of Tour Packages

In an industry where traditional concepts of selling tour packages are becoming obsolete, we bet on innovation. Digital Warehouse and Smart Trips solutions are introduced, revolutionizing the creation and distribution of tour packages in B2C, B2B, and B2B2C channels.


A New Beginning with Destination Italia SPA

From Pavoneggi to A Revolutionary Turn

In collaboration with Destination Italia SPA, Pavoneggi transforms into, broadening its focus on the global B2B market and integrating artificial intelligence into all operational aspects. This synergy marks a pivotal moment, and the choice to include ".ai" in the name reflects our renewed mission.

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