Answers to frequently asked questions


I already have my own site, can I easily integrate it into hubcore?

Hubcore.ai gives you the opportunity to maintain your own website to which we will integrate our widget of the purchasing funnels of the different tourist services that vary according to the modules you wish to activate (accommodation, tours and experiences)

I don't have a website (...the one I have is outdated), who can take care of making one for me?

Hubcore.ai has designed several complete front-end site solutions that allow you, depending on the type of product and territory you wish to promote, to have your own website very quickly, already integrated with hubcore.ai and already optimised for search engines and online sales of your tourism product.

Which hotel channel managers is hubcore.ai connected to?

‘Hubcore.ai is compatible with over 25 channel managers, including Vertical Booking, Simple Booking and BookingExperts, see this page for the full list.

Can I give my suppliers access and allow them to manage their own product?

Yes, Hubcore.ai allows you to create different types of users who, depending on the tourism product you want to have managed, will give your patner the ability to access Hubcore.ai through the extranet in their product file and manage availability, prices, bookings and content.

Does Hubcore.ai support multilingual content management?

Yes, our platform includes multilingual features that allow you to manage and present your content in different languages, thanks also to the support of AI-driven translations.

Does Hubcore.ai offer training and technical support?

Absolutely, we offer comprehensive training to help you get the most out of our platform and responsive technical support to resolve any issues.

Does Hubcore.ai send real-time bookings to suppliers?

Whether you are connected to Channel Managers or not, Hubcore.ai automatically updates product inventory availability and informs the supplier of the product electronically (confirmation via channel) and by email. Furthermore, the Hubcore.ai system allows you to track that the confirmation is actually registered by the supplier through a time and date stamp of the confirmation sent by the system (both channel and email)

How does Hubcore.ai handle DMO payments?

Hubcore.ai manages DMO payments through a dedicated module called SplitPayment (link to page). This allows the traveller to pay the supplier directly, ensuring the DMO is not classified as the holiday organiser.

How much does Hubcore.ai cost?

The cost of hubcore.ai varies depending on how many and which modules and services you activate. Depending on your actual operational needs, we will work out the best configuration together.

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