TripBuilder – How designing itineraries can get smarter

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May 2, 2024 7:19:27 PM


In the tourism industry, customization and efficiency are key. Incoming agencies, always on the lookout for solutions to enhance package management and enrich traveler experiences, will find a true ally in’s TripBuilder. This tool turns local potential into bespoke journeys by seamlessly integrating attractions and services into comprehensive, highly customizable travel proposals. 

The Revolution of TripBuilder 

TripBuilder is more than just a route planner; it’s a platform that revolutionizes how incoming agencies operate. By directly integrating with the Digital Warehouse and the Product Factory, this module enables operators to turn tourist attractions and services into integrated travel packages. These packages not only offer a complete, ready-to-book itinerary but also allow for customization of every aspect of the trip to easily meet travelers' needs.

From Digital Warehouse to Product Factory  

It all starts in the Digital Warehouse, where each point of interest can be transformed into a component of a travel package. The Product Factory speeds up and enhances this process, allowing operators to combine accommodations, experiences, and transfers into detailed itineraries managed effortlessly through a dynamic and versatile platform. Thanks to these technologies, TripBuilder gives operators the ability to customize and book multi-day itineraries that include accommodations, transfers, and unique experiences, all with just a few clicks.    


Key Features of TripBuilder

  • Intuitive Interface: Designed for both travelers and travel advisors, it simplifies the navigation and customization of complex itineraries through a flawless user experience that minimizes operational steps. 
  • Advanced Customization: Each itinerary can be fully customized independently and effortlessly to meet the specific preferences of the client, from multi-destination routes to selections of exclusive services. 
  • Total Integration: In perfect harmony with other modules, it ensures that every stage of the booking is optimized, with services always updated for availability and price directly from the catalogue and digital warehouse. 

Benefits for Incoming Agencies

Thanks to TripBuilder, agencies can drastically reduce the time spent preparing itineraries, improving client satisfaction through the ease of customizing offers to fit specific budgets and preferences. This adaptability makes TripBuilder an essential tool for agencies looking to scale their business and offer distinctive, high-quality travel proposals.

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Don't let complexity limit your ability to deliver unforgettable journeys. Discover how's TripBuilder can transform your approach to incoming tourism. Request a demo today and start building itineraries that excite your clients and enhance your success.