Empeeria.it: The Evolution of Sicilian Tourism with Tony Cirnigliaro and Hubcore.ai

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Nov 16, 2023 9:22:39 AM

Empeeria.it: The Evolution of Sicilian Tourism with Tony Cirnigliaro and Hubcore.ai

In the Footsteps of Digital Pioneers in the Heart of Sicily

Empeeria.it, under the visionary leadership of Tony Cirnigliaro, has become a symbol of innovation and authenticity in Sicilian tourism. Founded in 2018 as an agile startup, Empeeria.it has been able to face the tough pandemic years with a resilient spirit, turning challenges into opportunities for growth. Aiming to offer authentic and evocative experiences in Sicily, the company has developed a revolutionary digital platform for the management of tourism services, becoming a benchmark in the tourism experience market.

Tony Cirnigliaro, with his innovative approach, has guided Empeeria.it to become a leader in the multi-channel distribution of tourism services, with impressive growth leading to a significant increase in turnover. His vision of experiential tourism, combined with Hubcore.ai's cutting-edge technology, has allowed Empeeria.it to stand out in the tourism landscape for its ability to propose itineraries and experiences that reflect the life and traditions of the Sicilian territory.


Tony and Empeeria's Journey in Digital Tourism

"Our mission was clear: to innovate production and distribution processes in the Experiences segment," explains Tony. Choosing Hubcore.ai was a strategic move to tackle the tumult of the pandemic crisis: "Only a tool designed specifically for the tourism sector could have met our needs."

Pre-Hubcore.ai Challenges

Recalling the pre-Hubcore challenges, Tony points out: "We were managing several non-integrated platforms, which greatly complicated our work. We could not fully exploit the upselling opportunities in the tourism sector."

The Revolution with Hubcore.ai

"Having chosen Hubcore.ai has revolutionised our business management model," says Tony. "We can now focus on growing our business without worrying about uneven management."

Key Features of Hubcore.ai for Empeeria

Tony emphasises the importance of marketplaces: "The ability to connect to numerous distribution channels without leaving our own ecosystem has made scaling our business a concrete and achievable goal."

Tangible Impact and Evident Growth

"Hubcore.ai's tools allow for customer management at every stage, limiting the team's interventions to only the necessary moments," Tony explains. "Revenues grew by 300% from 2021 to 2022 and 900% from 2022 to 2023."

Future Prospects and Aspirations

Looking ahead, Tony is optimistic: "The vision is clear: to boost the 'Experiences' segment without limits, thanks to the automated flow management offered by hubcore.ai."

Tony's advice for Colleagues in the Sector

"There is no similar tool on the market," advises Tony. "Adopting it as the main tool in your business is a competitive advantage."


"Hubcore.ai is a guarantee for those who want to live the future already today," Tony concludes. "It has been instrumental in my career and in the growth of Empeeria."

The Solutions that Hubcore.ai has made available to Empeeria.it

  • Experience Module: An innovative platform to manage and present unique tourism experiences, allowing Empeeria.it to highlight the riches of Sicily.
  • Channel Module for Experience (Seller): This module provides Empeeria.it with the ability to distribute its offers through various channels, expanding its market reach.
  • Booking Engine Experience and CRS (Central Reservation System) Module: An integrated system that manages reservations and itineraries, facilitating the planning of complex tourist experiences.
  • Business Intelligence: Advanced analytical tools that allow Empeeria.it to interpret trends and data to optimise strategies and operations.
  • Frontend Experience Module: A user-friendly interface that enhances the multi-device shopping experience for the end user

Elevate Your Business in the World of Digital Tourism

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