Pioneers of Tourism: Dina Ravera

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Nov 30, 2023 8:57:33 AM

Pioneers of Tourism: Dina Ravera

Today, we unveil our "Pioneers of Tourism" column, highlighting inspiring stories of innovation and leadership in the tourism sector. We're proud to feature Dina Ravera, a key shareholder of Destination Italia Group and CEO of Destination Italia due Srl, as our first iconic figure shaping the future of tourism.

Dina Ravera: A Visionary in Italian Tourism

With a degree in Electronic Engineering and an MBA, Ravera stands out as a visionary leader in Italian tourism. Since joining Destination Italia in 2019, she has played a crucial role in transforming the company into a key player in the travel tech market. Her clear ambition is to elevate Italy as a global tourism hub by leveraging its unparalleled cultural and natural beauty. Her journey in tourism started almost by chance, taking the helm of a company firmly believed in by BancaIntesa. Her leadership style, a blend of managerial acumen and pioneering spirit, reflects her deep belief in tourism's transformative power for Italy.

From 2023: CEO of

In 2023, Ravera took the reins at as CEO, bringing significant change to the company. She focuses sharply on integrating AI as a key component of the platform, aiming to maximise its potential to streamline business processes and enhance work quality while reducing effort. Her vision positions as a cutting-edge company leading the digital tourism sector into new growth horizons.

The Revolutionary Impact of AI

"Generative AI marks a radical technological shift, akin to the invention of the engine, car, PC, and internet. It's an evolution impacting every individual and company."

AI as a Human Capability Amplifier

"This technology isn't about replacing humans but supporting them, turning them into 'superhumans'. AI processes vast data, providing rapid responses that would otherwise be unattainable. However, the human element remains central, infusing culture, sensitivity, and empathy into machine outputs. This blend is the future of travel design."

The Need for Regulation and Understanding of New Technologies

"It's crucial that institutions understand and anticipate these changes, unlike the evolution of the internet where companies grew unchecked, amassing power beyond some nations' GDP. Responsible and transparent AI regulation is key in the technology sector."

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