The Ferry Module: Connectivity and Innovation in Maritime Tourism

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Nov 7, 2023 9:56:50 AM

Exploration and Efficiency:'s Maritime Routes

At the heart of the digital tourism sector, sets sail with its BOOKING ENGINE AND INTEGRATIONS Module, achieving direct integration with the GDSs of Italy's leading ferry companies

  • Moby Lines, which connects mainland Italy to destinations such as Sardinia through direct routes such as Genoa - Olbia and Piombino - Portoferraio.

  • Tirrenia connects important routes such as Naples - Palermo and Cagliari - Rome, facilitating efficient travel arrangements.

  • Grandi Navi Veloci (GNV) connects Italian ports to destinations in Sardinia, Sicily, and beyond, facilitating the expansion of the tourism business.

  • Grimaldi Lines also serves trans-Mediterranean routes, including Rome - Barcelona and Venice - Patras as well as connecting the continent to Sardinia.

  • Corsica Ferries focuses on routes to Corsica and Sardinia from Italian and French ports, expanding the islands' tourist offer.

Integrated Technology and Real-Time Updated Fares doesn't just offer competitive fares; thanks to its native connection with the other modules of the booking engine, it guarantees the possibility of creating complete packages that include accommodation, experiences, and maritime transport, all dynamically synchronised in real time. It is a system that speaks the language of technological innovation and operational efficiency, in line with the needs of tour operators specialising in the distribution of 'Mare Italia' catalogues.

Advanced Automation for Customised Experiences

Automation reaches a new level of customisation with Every step of the maritime journey is precisely managed: from cabin selection to vehicle booking, every detail is confirmed and released in real time, with documentation uploaded directly into and made available to the traveller through email and the dedicated customer area.

Towards a New Horizon in Digital Tourism

Tour operators specialising in the "Mare Italia" segment, as well as those who want to expand their catalogue by offering dynamic package tours, are invited to discover how can simplify and integrate maritime bookings. This platform represents the starting point for those seeking to expand their tourism operations to meet the needs of a tourism trend that is increasingly moving towards dynamic pricing of all the tourist services that make up the classic holiday package. 

To discover how's Ferries module can revolutionise the management of your maritime bookings and the dynamic creation of accommodation+ferry packages, we invite you to contact one of our experts for a demo.