Introducing's CRS Module: A Leap Forward in Tourism Innovation

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Dec 5, 2023 2:03:22 PM

Introducing's CRS Module: A Leap Forward in Tourism Innovation

In the fast-paced world of tourism, tour operators and travel agencies are in search of solutions that not only enhance their operational management but also provide an outstanding customer experience. Against this backdrop, proudly unveils its groundbreaking Central Reservation System (CRS) Module, a fusion of flexibility, customization, and artificial intelligence prowess, poised to revolutionize how companies handle bookings and tourism services.

Tailored Customization to Match Your Brand’s CRS offers a fully customizable system of graphic and textual templates. This feature empowers tour operators to bolster their brand identity, enabling the creation of offerings and communications that mirror the brand’s essence, all through an intuitive platform.

Comprehensive Multilingual Management

The CRS module supports multilingual management for all communications with clients and suppliers. This feature breaks down language barriers, ensuring clear and professional communication - a critical asset in the global tourism market.

Centralized Communication System for All Stakeholders’s CRS incorporates a centralized system for managing communications with all stakeholders, internal (booking offices, accounting, etc.) and external (clients, service providers). Utilizing data from requests, the system crafts emails consistent with the brand’s voice and in the client’s language, significantly streamlining staff workflows.

Pre and Post-Holiday Communication Automation

The CRS module allows for the customization and automation of all travel-relevant emails. This encompasses essential communications, reminders for payments due, upselling opportunities, and quality control surveys, all in a multilingual and customizable approach.

Integration with the Booking Engine and Dynamic Package Creation

A key feature of the CRS is its native integration with the booking engine. This enables the dynamic creation of tours and travel packages, which can be priced and presented to clients via detailed, multilingual emails, including links for payment and confirmation.

Simplified Management of Bookings, Modifications, and Cancellations’s CRS simplifies the management of bookings, modifications, and cancellations, with automated processes and contextual communications to all involved stakeholders, ensuring a seamless and efficient acknowledgment process.

Customized Vouchers and Travel Documents

For every booked service, the system automatically generates vouchers and travel documents, accessible in the client’s reserved area. These documents are fully customizable and translatable, ensuring a professional presentation that aligns with the brand.

Preview of AI Use in CRS is developing an innovative AI feature, the 'Travel Designer Assistant', set to further transform the tourism approach. Leveraging advanced AI, this function will analyze client requests, guiding travel consultants to the most suitable product offerings. The AI will consider factors such as who made the request, what was requested, and historical data, thus optimizing decision-making and enhancing consultant efficiency. This approach not only accelerates the offering process but also elevates customization and client satisfaction.’s CRS Module: A New Chapter in Tourism Innovation

This solution, blending flexibility, multilingual management, and advanced customization, is the perfect ally for tourism professionals aiming to overcome daily challenges with efficiency and flair.

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